Concept development / Logo designs / Illustration & retouch / Packaging / Marketing / Websites

Garetta, a sales and service company developing smart and delicious product lines for theme parks destinations, coffee shops and restaurants. Primarily within the beverage section but they do also have a very own ice cream factory. We’ve been working together a long time and are always very excited to see what they may come up with next. This is just a few of the many different concepts we've developed for them over the years.


Taking on the competition.

Competition in the "sparkling sugar water" business is fierce. So in launching Garettas modular "Soda" system we needed to research what an acceptable substitute to the massive global brands would be. What could we offer that they didn't. Turns out personal service and freedom from suffocating contracts goes a long way. With the business part figured out we also needed to attract thirsty customers. Designing logo labels with high recognisability in mind, producing eye-catching videos, posters and graphics. And in my own opinion, the newly developed recipes of the old classic flavours actually has the competition beat, so it will be interesting to see how this is received.


The theme park favorit. 

SnowSlush has quickly become a real favourite among both theme parks and visitors alike. The ease of use and fantastic profit margin of course helps, but we also worked closely with the food and beverage managers to ensure they have what they need for every season. Developing new slush-bar concepts, signage and graphics to fit within the overall look of each venue. The strategy is to be a good partner rather than always promoting the SnowSlush brand. And now, by popular demand there's finally a sugar free version of the frozen fruit drink to enjoy. 


Frappinos in a blink of an eye.

As the demand for flavoured, iced coffee drinks grew steadily, we saw a need of speeding up the process actually making them. Especially for the smaller coffee shops where staff don't have time to mess around with blenders and washing dishes. So using existing Garetta equipment, we developed an "everything you’ll need" package to serve delicious frappinos in a blink of an eye. Complete with stylish branding, marketing material, instructions and inspirational recipes. Because time saved is money earned.