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Design is all about solving problems, but before we can start to solve anything we need to really understand the problem, which usually means understanding your customers. And what is and isn't working about a brand, product, service or experience. So to make sure our efforts, and your investment, are spent where it really matters, every project starts with a discovery and strategy session. Design based on aesthetics can be very subjective and open to the whims of personal preference, however when you focus on solving business problems with design, you always get better results.


We first start by looking at the desired business outcome, what a successful end-result would look like. Then through a short and intensive workshop session we'll get clarity on who you are, who needs to know, how they'll find you, and why they should care. 

Everything gathered from our workshop will now be used to form a creative brief. This is where we define the brand's positioning, look and feel, tone of voice, as well as a list of priorities to focus on. This will be our compass moving forward.

With a clear sense of what to do and why, we start the design process. Developing logos, brand identity systems, user experience and product design, creative packaging solutions etc. A large network of friends and trusted specialists are making sure we always have the skills to deliver.



Over twenty years in the business working with a wide range of local and international clients like: Arctic Papper, Axfood, Brooklyn Brewery, Burger King, Bonnier, Craft, Heinz, Scandinavian Airlines, Paramount Pictures, Saab Automobile, Skullcandy, Swedish Postal Service, Tele2 and Volvo Trucks to name a few. 

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