A Visual Affair is a curious Swedish design studio led by Jonas Hult, helping you define and design brands, products and concepts.

Driven by heart, logic and business sense, our design process is always informed by research and close collaborations. All to make sure that we create relevant solutions with meaningful and commercial impact.

We generally work with small to midsize companies and startups, seeking to build long term relationships, rather than quick hit-and-runs. Because the more we get to know each other, the better work we do together.


Art Direction
It's all about setting the tone, feel, and artistic style for any project. This includes everything from graphic design, typography, illustration, photography, film, animation etc. all meant to resonate with a specific group of people.

Brand Strategy
In simple terms it's about finding your own voice and setting up an actionable plan to connect your business with the right audience. If you're just starting out or maybe in need of a renewal, we'll work close together to create a brand that feels relevant to your market and customers.

Brand Identity
A well crafted and clear identity helps to build customer loyalty and trust, differentiate your business from the competition and increase the awareness. The brand name and logo are an important part of it, but a brand’s identity is so much more and it all need to be considered to create a consistent message.

Print & Packaging
Print and packaging plays a significant role in the perceived value of a product or brand, the tactile quality of the paper, the feeling of originality or luxury achieved by well chosen effects or smart packaging construction. There's many ways to be creative to enhance the experience.

Web Design
It's no secret that your website really impacts customers first impression. A professional looking website that clearly communicates your value increases your credibility and make you stand out from competitors. But it can also be a great business and marketing tool in itself, so let's talk about how your website can be used to grow your business.

Web Development
No-code platforms and Wordpress builders have made it possible to build and launch the majority of our web projects within less than half the time of traditional developing. But if needed, we also have experienced full-stack developers in our network for projects requiring more functionality.

Digital Product Design (UX/UI)
We help you plan for a great digital product through research, prototyping and testing. From very high-level design (such as the overall functionality and information architecture) down to the very granular details (mockups and design systems). Iterating to deliver a complete product, tailored to the needs of both your users and your business.

Design Sprint
The big idea with the Design Sprint is to build and test a prototype in just a few days. You'll take a small team, clear the schedule for a week, and rapidly progress from problem to tested solution using a proven step-by-step checklist. It's like fast-forwarding into the future, so you can see how customers react before you invest all the time and expense of creating your new product, service, marketing campaign... anything really.

Freelance Team Member 
Sometimes it's just better to sit together, either during a short intense period or a couple of days a week over a few months, to really work as a team. We've done this both with startups, agencies and tech companies when collaboration been essential to the project.


I'm always open for a chat, whether you have a new project to discuss, a possible collaboration, or just want to make new friends email me → here.


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