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We’re approaching a new era for the retail industry, online sales are climbing but retailers are faced with more competition than ever before. As a respons, the startup MyBonus is developing a "next generation bonus program". A way for members to easily get real money back, in contrast to abstract and complicated point systems. Additionally offer retailers the opportunity to engage with clearly segmented consumer groups, leveraging member transactional and behavioural data. Rewarding customers for their purchase and loyalty without spending valuable time and resources themselves.

From first being approached for creative marketing ideas, we soon ended up re-designing the entire service. Problems included high churn rate, no clear identity or positioning and an underperforming revenue model. We worked closely integrated with the MyBonus team to research and learn as much as possible from existing members and other competing services. Workshopped and strategised to align user needs with the brand story and business goals. Developed a new brand identity and, more importantly, expanded the service from web to a mobile app.

And finally by studying behaviour and the customer support most commonly asked questions we where able to improve the overall user experience. Especially lowering the threshold of geting started, which in turn meant lower churn and higher CLV. As of today we've proudly received a score of 4.8/5 in both App Store and Google Play.

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