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Brand Identity
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Photography by Sian Hedberg

The literary association Textival arrange festivals, text fairs, residency programs, art events and various collaborative projects with author readings, talks, cultural debate, workshops, exhibitions and art walks. They collaborate with literature houses, author educations, libraries, biennials, art galleries, festivals, galleries and various cultural actors where they cross-culturally strive to create new forms for how, where and when literature can be seen and heard.

Literature today is so much more than just books and we wanted the Textival logo to symbolise this. The "text distortion" is achieved when text is projected over a raised stage, the platform for performance and discussion. And it also creates this digital glitch-effect-look, so to acknowledge the place for literature in the new digital landscape.

Except everything surrounding the different events, like posters, programs and digital promotion, we're now also working on a new proper website.

More Work

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