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Suppling market leading products for safe, reliable and energy-efficient installations, Termoventiler is a proudly Swedish technology company represented all over the world. But still manufacturing everything out of Marbäck in beautiful Ulricehamn. They specialise in water-borne systems for geothermal or bio-fuel heating, offering to customise everything to suit your needs and requirements with maximum efficiency and as little environmental impact as possible.

Termoventiler approached us with the problem of having their greatest success now also being their greatest obstacle. The product line “Laddomat” made them famous, unfortunately to a point where no one really recognised the actual brand name. This of course affected sales of other products. And with big new releases around the corner, we needed to get this sorted.

The current use of the two competing logos was confusing, so we started by redesigning the brand logo, fusing the two different symbols into one. Then aligning all product names and product logos, incorporating the same symbol. Clearly stating both hierarchy and family belonging. Allowing future product lines to be firmly associated with the trust and love for "Laddomat". We then developed a new brand identity, website with an extensive library of manuals, leaflets, spare part lists etc, and finally new brochures and product packaging to tie it all together.

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