Sharper of Sweden Barbershop


Art Direction
Web Design

Video Production by Hello family
Web Development by Marcus Oskarsson

Sharper of Sweden Barbershop offers premium class treatments in straight razor shaving, beard trimmings and hair cuts. Inspired by the classic 1920s and 30s barbershops found in the US and United Kingdom. They've experienced huge success ever since Homan Taghizadeh opened his very first shop on Prinsgatan, Gothenburg. Now expanding into both events, an academy and the growing collection of "Sharper" branded products.

Sharper came looking not only for a nice and functional new website, but also ideas on how to increase traffic to their online store. And at the time they were already doing a lot of promotional collaborations with stylist and photographers all over the city, so we suggested gathering all this in a "lookbook". For inspiration, promoting the working barbers, but more importantly as a way to promote all the products used in achieving the looks, with direct links to the online store. We also looked at streamlining and simplifying the booking process. Because a good website is a good business tool.

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